Ratio of Growing to Non-Growing Churches
The chart below shows, over the past ten years, a steady decline in the ratio of growing to non-growing congregations in our family of churches. This analysis is consistent with the rate of change in overall membership, which has seen a decade-long decline. Taken together, these two charts indicate that, while the membership losses of 2003-2004 were unprecedented, a trend leading up to these losses had been in place at least since 1994. See additional charts and analysis for more context.

Latest Updates on the International Churches of Christ
Note on 2004 Count of Growing and Non-Growing Churches
After 2002, no mechanism existed for central collection of membership data. In late 2004, this website and DisciplesToday initiated a cooperative effort to conduct a voluntary survey of affiliated churches. We were able to obtain data for churches whose 2002 membership comprised almost 93% of the ICOC's total 2002 membership. Of the participating churches, many were new church plantings or newly self-governing congregations. None of these congregations are included in the above analysis as growing churches. The data file showing the actual survey results is available for download.