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Read about ICOC Info's effort to collect current church membership data.

View the most recent statistics for church membership. (updated 8/2/2005)

View 2004 membership by church.

Charts Updated with 2004 Survey Results

Total ICOC Membership, 1987-2004 (updated 3/27/2004)

Overall Membership Growth Rate, 1994-2004 (updated 3/27/2004)

Growing-to-Non-Growing Church Ratio, 1994-2004 (updated 3/28/2004)

U.S to Non-U.S. Membership and Church Ratio, 1994-2002 (updated 3/26/2005)

Trends Leading Up to 2003

Church membership history from 1994-2002, ranked by 2002 membership or alphabetically.

Fastest Growing Churches, 1994-2002 (added 2/2/2004)

Special Topics

25 Highest Retention Rate Churches, 1999-2002 (added 1/6/2004)  Thoughts on Retention (added 5/22/2004)

Did Growth Slow Because Churches Grew Too Large? (revised 2/10/2004)

Did Growth Slow Because of Aging Churches? (added 2/7/2004)

End of 2002

Largest 100 Churches (Membership), 2002 (added 1/4/2004)

Largest 100 Non-U.S. Churches (Membership), 2002 (added 1/4/2004)

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Archive Data in spreadsheet format

A Catalog of New Churches by Year Established up to 2003 (added 1/6/2004)

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