24 Hour Urine Collection Containers

  • Amber polyethylene (PE) construction
  • Molded handles for easy handling
  • Leak resistant closures

New 24-hour urine collection containers offer configurations, sizes and features required to meet most 24-hour collection needs. Upright configurations for efficient storage and low form
designs for stability are all designed with easy to read, molded graduations and leak resistant closures.

Amber polyethylene construction protects samples from light and molded handles make handling easy.

The new TranferTop™ option includes an integrated mechanism for "closed system" transfer to vacuum urine sample tubes.



with Full Turn Screw Caps

4 oz Urine Collection Containers with Full Turn Screw Caps

  • Graduated to 120 mL
  • Frosted writing area
  • Clarified polypropylene (PP)

Designed for on-site collection and testing.
These 4-ounce urine collection containers are ideal for use in physician's offices and hospital settings. They feature a full turn screw cap for better leak resistance, molded graduation marks and a frosted writing area. The individually wrapped sterile containers come complete with an affixed patient ID label.

Sterile & Aseptic Containers:

  • Individually wrapped
  • Trilingual patient ID label (English, Spanish & French)

Material: Container = Polypropylene (PP) / Cap = Polyethylene
Dimensions: Container: 57.6 x 72 mm / Cap: 62 mm O.D.



15 mL Urine Centrifuge Tubes

  • Centrifuging to 3,000 x G
  • Includes side graduations
  • Endotoxin Free (non-pyrogenic)

Labcon Disposable 15 mL Urine Centrifuge Tubes have visible graduations and fit standard centrifuge rotors. Tubes are available in durable polypropylene and ultra-clear polystyrene versions. Caps are made from low- density polyethylene.











C-Pette™ Blood Transfer Dispenser

  • For safe and efficient blood dispensing
  • Ideal for Point-of-Care (POC) use with any analyzer
  • Minimizes aerosols
  • Reduces the risk of lab-acquired infections
  • Stainless steel canula

C-Pette™ blood collection tube dispenser for point of care testing instruments. Dispenses one drop of blood onto test cartridge or cassette. Dispenses blood drops easy with no need to open collection tubes. Fits standard glass or plastic blood tubes with rubber stoppers. Made of polystyrene and Stainless steel. Not Autoclavable. 







Security Cups for Urine or Specimen Collection

  • 100 mL Cups
  • Sample spouts may be cut with scissors or pierced with a syringe
  • Impact and pressure resistant seal

These security containers are designed to provide secure and reliable tamper-proof seals for specimens in transit or storage. After specimen collection the screw cap is tightened first by hand, then by the special wrench, which engages teeth on the lids rim to create a locked and leak-proof seal. To access the specimen for testing procedures, large or small sample spouts may be cut with scissors or pierced with a syringe. Spouts can be resealed with the large or small plugs and returned to storage for further testing. The impact-resistant, durably constructed, and pressure-resistant seal offers excellent protection during handling and transport. Made of non-reactive polyethylene resin.











Tip Top™ Dispenser Caps

  • Convenient and Easy: Just tilt the tube and squeeze Tip Top® slightly to dispense one drop onto a slide.
  • Safe Dispensing: You don't need to open the tube preventing spillage and exposure to infectious agents.
  • Very Low Evaporation: A flexible cap is available to cover the Tip Top® so you can store samples longer.
  • Medical Grade Resins: USP Class medical grade resins and packaging.

Safe Dispensing of Blood Samples
Tip Top® Dispenser Caps A safe and cost-effective way of dispensing samples in your lab. The Tip Top® is a disposable cone shaped cap that fits all standard 13 or 16mm blood collection tubes. A small opening allows you to dispense a sample without removing the Tip Top cap so you can prepare smears on slides or dispense into reagent wells or microcentrifuge tubes safely. Inside the tip of the Tip Top® is an integral porous filter that removes fibrin from the blood sample allowing for a perfect smear.

Tip Top® is a convenient alternative to pipetting from an open blood tube, just tilt the tube and squeeze to dispense one drop. And Tip Top® is safe you don't need to open the tube and pipet out of the tube so spillage is reduced along with potential exposure to infectious disease. Just carefully remove the stopper and replace with Tip Top®.

The Tip Top® dispenser cap can be used with almost any liquid. Made from chemically resistant polyethylene they can dispense serum, reagents, plasma, whole blood and CSF. The integral porous polyethylene filter efficiently separates serum and can also be used a a reagent blender.

Fits standard 13 x 100 and 16 x 100 collection tubes.

5511-800-000-9 30128-604
5512-800-000-9 N/A


U-Pette Blood Collection Tube Dispenser

  • For safe and efficient blood dispensing
  • New ergonomic design for more control
  • Minimizes aerosols, per CDC
  • Reduces the risk of lab-aquired infections

Labcon’s U-Pette provides a quick and easy way to dispense blood into a test cassette without removing the cap from the collection tube. This greatly reduces the risk of infection due to aerosol exposure. U-Pette’s flexible sides allow for efficient and precise delivery of required sample amount, whether it’s one droplet or continuous flow dispensing. Labcon’s U-Pette fits all standard blood collection tubes and is ideal for use with many point of care analyzers such as the Abbott® i-Stat® Helena® Abrazo® and other POC Analyzers that requires the delivery of a sample to a test cartridge or cassette.

Compliant with the IVD Directive 98/79/EC and lot tested Endotoxin (Pyrogen) Free.

7626-500-000-9 N/A
7626-540-000-9 N/A


UrineTime™ II 24 Hour Collection System

  • New Two Liter Bottles
  • Keyed Bottles More Stable
  • New Package Options
  • Enables Faster Diagnosis

UrineTime™ II from Labcon improves on an already great product. The new 2 liter keyed bottles are much more stable than earlier models and with their keyed sides they now stay firmly oriented and locked together.

UrineTime™ II Solves an Old Problem
A problem occurs when more than one assay is needed for a single 24-hour urine sample and the assays require different preparations or preservatives. Unlike the usual method of collecting samples over two days, the UrineTime™ II reduces the time it takes to collect samples and speeds the diagnosis and treatment process.

UrineTime™ II is Convenient
Understanding and using UrineTime™ II is convenient for patients. And since their treatment can begin a full day earlier better care is assured.

UrineTime™ II is provided with everything needed to collect two 24 hour samples. Staff time is reduced since labels, packaging and transport accessories are provided in a neat package. And UrineTime™ II is perfect for outpatient use so there is no need to ensure compliance through admission.

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4010-920-010-9 93001-124