Pall® 47 mm, In-line Filter Holders

The 47 mm filter holders are designed for in-line liquid or gas filtration. They open and close easily without disturbing the filter disc.

  • Designed for in-line liquid or gas filtration
  • Easy open and close
  • Available in a variety of materials

They are available in polycarbonate and aluminum.

For venting and air monitoring applications, the sturdy plastic construction of the lightweight polycarbonate 47 mm in-line filter holder is ideal.

For stack sampling applications, the 47 mm in-line filter holder in anodized aluminum is a durable and cost-effective choice.

For excellent chemical resistance and continuous processing of fluids at high pressure, the 47 mm in-line filter holder in stainless steel is recommended.



Pall® 13 mm Swinney Filter Holder

The 13 mm Swinney filter holders are economical for small volume (1 to 10 mL) filtration.

  • Economical
  • For small volumes
  • Available in plastic or stainless steel

They are recommended for filtration of biologicals, ophthalmics, GC and HPLC samples, and lubricants that must be applied dust-free to critical parts. Their luer inlet and outlet fittings provide easy connections.

Ordering information: Materials of Construction for Plastic 13 mm Swinney - Inlet/Outlet Housing and Support Screen: Celcons (acetal copolymer); Seal Washer: PTFE. Materials of Construction for Stainless Steel 13 mm Swinney - Body: Type 304 stainless steel; Gaskets: PTFE; Support Screen: Photoetched type 304 stainless steel.



Pall® 142 & 293 mm Disc Filter Holders, Stainless Steel

Convenient Sizes and Durable Materials for Filtration of All Your Laboratory Samples

Design optimizes use of filter area with 15% more EFA than most competitive units, giving higher flow rates and extending the filter's service life. Sanitary connections are easy to use and suitable for pharmaceutical applications.



Pall® 25 mm, In-line Filter Holders

  • These 25 mm in-line filter holders are ideal for liquid or gas filtration.
  • Ideal for liquid or gas filtration
  • Lightweight
  • For low pressure applications

The filter holder in Delrin plastic offers broad chemical compatibility and material strength. Likewise the stainless steel filter holder features durable construction with excellent chemical resistance and can withstand high operating temperatures and pressures.

These are lightweight and useful for low pressure applications such as in-line air cleaning, liquid filtering, or particulate sampling.